Viomi Alpha UV(S9) Review

Viomi Robot Vacuum Alpha UV(S9) is a great invention from the Chinese company Viomi. It’s a self-driven vacuum cleaner that can take care of your home as you work or play.

The robot has a sleek and futuristic design with a body made of high-quality materials. The UV sterilizer inside makes sure to kill bacteria and viruses on the floor before it leaves the machine. It’s an affordable, but powerful, device that will make your life easier!

What Is Viomi Alpha UV(S9)?

This robot vacuum with self empty is equipped with UV serialization technology, which effectively kills 5 kinds of bacteria. UV Sterilization kills up to 99.99% of bacteria, which is way more effective than manual cleaning. With triple-filter system, Viomi Alpha UV (S9) effectively blocks particles out and simultaneously releases clean air. With a 250ml water tank and water volume adjustment design, Viomi Alpha UV (S9) can easily cover an area of 250m² in one session.

● UV sterilization effective rate reaches 99.99%

● Automatic dust collection, no need to empty the trash for 30 days

● Integrated sweeping, vacuuming and mopping, easy to clean stains

● Powerful suction of 2700pa, leave dust no place to hide

● 3L large capacity dust bag, change once a month

● Accurate and seamless connectior short air duct. High efficiency without clogging.

● 5200mAh Powerful and long-lasting battery

● Constant pressure electric control water tank to wet the floor properly

● LDS2.0AI laser mapping Multi-map storage, accurate restoration of the house type
The Design

This self empty robot vacuum looks futuristic and clean, unlike any other robot vacuum cleaner available in the market right now. The UV sterilizer on the bottom of the machine makes sure that nothing stays inside for too long and to keep your floors clean and germ-free.

All the parts that make up the vacuum cleaner are made of ABS . They’re all strong and durable enough to survive most severe cleaning. The UV sterilizer also comes in a durable casing, which has holes on the sides to make it accessible.

There’s a removable filter on the front of the vacuum cleaner that is designed to remove dust and bacteria. Viomi has a one-touch power button that allows you to control the vacuum cleaner without any buttons on the front.

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